Sauté Végétal and creamy split peas

10 - 25 mins


Sauté Végétal 1 kg
Tinned lentils 1,4 kg
Fresh mint 16 g
Courgettes 350 g

Cherry tomatoes 250 g
Olive oil 80 g
Salt & pepper


  • Pulse the lentils in the food processor. Add the mint leaves and lightly process again.
  • Bias slice the courgettes.
  • Brown the Sauté Végétal in a hot pan until crispy on all sides.
  • In another pan, brown the courgettes and the cherry tomatoes.
  • Warm the creamy lentils in a saucepan.
  • Arrange on plates and serve nice and hot.

Chef’s tip

Pan-frying Sauté Végétal will give it a delicious crispy texture.